Hank's Ranch
Accessibility Info

Accessibility Info

Hanks Ranch is in a rural area of West Norfolk and is accessed by a small B road, which although is
fairly quiet can often be used by tractors and farm lorries depending on the time of year. There is a
five bar wooden gate from the road to the gravelled parking area.
There is one parking space adjacent to the Jail for those with reduced mobility to use.
There is a woodchip pathway from the parking area to the cabins. Each cabins has 3 steps with
bilateral rails to access the decking. Once on the decking all thresholds are level.
In the bathroom there is a low level shower tray with a choice of rainfall or riser bar shower, sink and
The bed is 75 cm high and can only be accessed from one side as it is against the wall
The external door is 80cm wide and the bathroom door is 71cm wide.
The grounds are a mixture of wild meadow, grassland area and lawn. There are grass pathways
through the meadow however the pathways and grass areas can be uneven and muddy.